The time to take action has come.

Those Who Love Peace is the first global community platform for activists.

Providing activists with the tools they need to change the world.

Those Who Love Peace is focused on putting power back in the hands of activists using digital tools. We believe that the world is full of brilliant people who want to use their time and creative energy to transform it. If we can remove some of the barriers to organising, they will shatter our highest expectations. We provide sophisticated communication platforms, cutting-edge trainings, and data-driven tools, so you can focus on what you’re here to do: saving the world.

Organise, mobilise, normalise.

Organise in teams. Create and manage events. Take part in actions. Host other activists or offer them a ride. Bring your friends. Connect with people from around the world. Learn and share about the things that matter to you.

For activists, by activists.

We are an organisation designed to enable activism. While other platforms try to keep you online, TWLP is designed to get people together and into the streets. TWLP team members are all engaged in street activism so we never lose touch with the front lines.

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