"Those who love peace must learn to organise as effectively as those who love war"

Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

About the Project

We are an organisation inspired by the words mentioned above. Which is why we want to empower activists worldwide by providing them with the digital tools they need to organise and mobilize people and to ultimately change society for the better. We believe that this act of unification is a necessary step towards more impactful, globally coordinated and wide-spread actions.

We believe that the world is full of brilliant people who want to use their time and creative energy to transform it. We believe that in creating systems that empower positive change and remove barriers to progress, those activists will shatter our highest expectations.

Those Who Love Peace provides sophisticated communication platforms, cutting-edge trainings and data-driven tools, so that activists can focus on what they want to do most: save lives and improve the world.

The Story

The idea for Those Who Love Peace came from discussions between activists all across the world about the need for better organisation and structures to help us mobilise more efficiently. This led a small group of activists to the idea of building a global online activism platform that connects and empowers activists on an individual level and on an organisational level. From that initial idea, they and the rest of the ever-widening activism team have devoted their time and efforts into making this something truly revolutionary for the movement.

Our Principles






Challenge Systems, Uplift individuals

As nonviolent change makers, we direct our righteous anger at oppressive systems.

We know that the people caught up in these systems are worthy of forgiveness, and we seek to build them up. When people make mistakes, we call them in privately rather than calling out publicly.

Animal Liberation

Every action we take is a step towards animal liberation

We are all animals, and animal liberation is an inclusive ideology. TWLP is designed to support those fighting for all forms of liberation. Speciesism, racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of bigotry have no place here.

We will ensure these changes are lasting with legal personhood for animals written into the laws of all nations to match the values we hold. We will create systems to protect all sentient life from human activity. We will center animal personhood in environmentalism to help us prevent mass extinction. We will center the perspective of those most impacted in all our decisions.


Nonviolence is the courageous pursuit of truth, taken with the utmost reverence for life.

We act with a deep commitment to nonviolence, and require that the events and ideas posted on our platform do not promote violence against anybody, ever.

By Activists, for Activists

We are an organisation made up of activists, designed to enable activism.

While other platforms try to keep you online, TWLP is designed to get people together and into the streets. TWLP team members are all engaged in street activism so we never lose touch with the front lines.

Personal Mastery

A willingness to learn is more important than any pre-existing knowledge or skill.

If we are constantly striving to learn and improve ourselves, we can become capable of anything. Our organisation strives to create the conditions for optimal continuous development through high-quality trainings, created by experts in their fields.