What is Those Who Love Peace?

Those Who Love Peace was founded with the intention to enable well-organised activism around the globe. Established in early 2019, TWLP provides an online platform for activists to discover, connect and empower one another through the use of technology. Our intention is to achieve animal liberation through normalising activism by building scalable systems and tools to help grow, connect and nurture activists around the world.

What will be on the platform?

The TWLP online platform will provide you with the digital tools you need to help change the world. This will include a centralised place to find all of the events – such as rallies, gatherings, protests and workshops and more – that you are interested in so that you no longer have to scour multi-platform sites to stay informed and no longer hear about events after they have occurred. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

Whose idea is this?

The idea for Those Who Love Peace came from discussions between activists all across the world about the need for better organisation and structures to help us mobilise more efficiently. This led a small group of activists to the idea of building a global online activism platform that connects and empowers activists on an individual and on an organisational level. From that initial idea, they and the rest of the ever-widening activism team have devoted their time and efforts into making this something truly revolutionary for the movement.

Why ‘Those Who Love Peace’?

“Those Who Love Peace” is part of a powerful quote from Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. that inspires us in our mission: “Those who love peace must learn to organise as effectively as those who love war.”

Where will it be launched first?

It will first be available in Switzerland. Shortly afterwards we will expand region by region across the planet until activists everywhere have access to these tools and can implement them with real, meaningful results in their communities.

Why Switzerland first?

A core part of the Those Who Love Peace team is based in Switzerland. Switzerland has quickly become a hub of activism activity, gaining a vast increase in attention from the national mainstream press. Launching in Switzerland is the perfect way to set the tone for the revolutionary actions to come.

Where will it be launched next?

Where we go next, after Switzerland, somewhat depends on you. Wherever we receive more interest from, via sign-ups on the website, will be a huge indicator of where we will come to next. If you are really keen to see the platform and app in your community next, then make sure you get your community to sign up now.

How can my organisation join the TWLP platform?

All you have to do for now is email us at We want to help empower organisations within the movement. Having as many of these organisations as possible on the TWLP online platform will help strengthen the movement as a whole. We look forward to working with you soon!

What do I need to able to join the TWLP platform as an individual?

All you need is an internet connection to access the platform, a smartphone to access the app, and a will to help change this world for the better to access the future we all want to reach.

Can I access the platform if you haven’t expanded to my region yet?

Yes, you can sign up and begin to get a feel for the platform with some of the features available to you, even if we haven’t officially launched in your region yet. However, event listings and the main bulk of the tools won’t be there until we can officially bring the platform to your region. All the more reason to rally your community to sign up and make sure we know that your region wants us to head there sooner.

Why do we need to normalise activism?

We live in a world in which violence is normalised. Every single day, an unimaginable number of sentient beings are killed and extreme damage is being done to ecosystems for something as ordinary as a meal. This violence goes unnoticed for the most part, although this is gradually changing. This change is greatly driven by activists demanding that the rest of our society listens and acts. To normalise activism would be to create activists on a scale never before seen in our world.

Do I have to be vegan to sign up?

No, not all. Nevertheless, we encourage you to look into what veganism means and why it makes sense logically and morally. As activists, we are all trying to improve this world for the better, and veganism is the single greatest change any one of us can make today to vastly reduce the amount of unnecessary suffering we are creating and environmental destruction we are causing in this world.

If you are interested in veganism, we encourage you to check out this free vegan starter-kit!

How are you funded?

The Those Who Love Peace platform is owned by the Those Who Love Peace Corporation, an organisation that aims to fight for animal rights, raise the availability of plant-based nutrition and support a sustainable lifestyle in general.

How are you funded?

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How can I help?

Galvanise your communities. Sign up to the TWLP platform yourself, reach out to your network and spread the word. There is something revolutionary coming and we all must play our part in it. Reach out to us too if you have other ways you wish to help us. As an organisation founded by activists who are working every day on creating positive change, we welcome all support.

How can I contact Those Who Love Peace?

Reach out via our social media pages or send us an email: